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Marvelous mixing, mastering, editing, and recording services for all genres of heavy music

Recording and mixing - Northern Savage
Mixing - Curse the Crown
Recording and mixing - Harvesters of Human Flesh
Mixing - Acolyte
Mixing - Set Sail
Mixing - A Faithful Few

Like what you’re hearing? Your songs could sound just as good!

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A great mix will help to bring out your musical vision just like you always imagined it. Send me your tracks, and I will deliver great-sounding and polished songs!

Mastering is also available for songs that I mix.

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Good quality recording can be done even without a studio. My mobile recording rig allows me to go anywhere in the Jyväskylä region, so we can record your songs comfortably (for example) at your rehearsal place!

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Editing drums, guitars, vocals, and other instruments is an integral part of modern music production, especially in metal. Skillful editing will get the best out of your performance, without sacrificing the human element!

All services include an appropriate amount of dry humor with no extra charge.

Why ansgaSound?

Hi there!

I am Anssi Jääskeläinen, or ansgaSound for short.

New music is constantly being created and uploaded to the internet. To stand out from that vast mass, it is important to invest in proper music production.

Excellent-sounding recordings bring credibility to an artist. They’re also a great chance to show off the artist’s full potential in a way that you can be proud of.

So tell me about your project and get your quote.

Let’s take your metal to the next level!

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Your next level awaits

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